Hey Prana, wtf?

I was looking through the Boxing Day sales, and I came across a “women’s chalk bag.” I did not, however, see a “men’s chalk bag.” What makes a chalk bag specifically for women? Why don’t men and get a special chalk bag? What separates a women’s chalk bag from a regular gender neutral chalk bag? Is it specifically designed for our dainty hands? Is it pink or purple, or pink and purple, with flowers and hearts? Have I been missing out by using a gender neutral chalk bag? Is my chalk bag leaking because it resents my womanhood? Will this women-specific chalk bag finally help me send v3 (I know, I’m a shitty climber)?

Seriously, why the fuck are we gendering chalk bags? They are fucking drawstring sacks that hold chalk. It’s bad enough that we gender climbing shoes and harnesses (I have a women’s harness because it fits better and men’s shoes because they fit better). What’s next, women’s carabiners? Women’s climbing rope? Women’s nuts?

☮️ & ❤️ & ⛺️

Always wear a helmet! Women’s  helmet, men’s helmet, gender neutral helmet: I don’t care, just put it on your head!

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